Sunday, February 24, 2008

bargains & brides & boxes

My mom & dad took a whole weekend away from tax season to come help us, and we really owe them BIG after this one. Some of you have seen Dad’s plane in various stages of production, but it’s up & flying now! They made it here in 50 minutes (yeah, 230 mph beats the drive!). I failed to get a picture of it from this weekend, but here’s the plane from Dad’s first flight back in October. It’s a 2-seater, acrobatic RV 6 which he built over ~10 years in our garage, and then in a hanger out at Abilene Regional.

(AM) My first garage sale. In my mind, people would calmly come and look through our stuff, noting that the size & price were marked. Not so much. In the light of early dawn, people swarmed our house. I appreciate intensity but the ferocious, focused Garage Salers were a bit scary. No complaints because I snuck away to host a wedding shower for most of it, and the rest of the crew ran the show. Here’s basically how it played out:

Russ: (Captain of General Morale) He’s demonstrating flying helicopter toys & crashing them into shoppers, putting pink cowboy hats (nevermind why I had one) on tough looking vaqueros, and auctioning off things in a half-Louisiana accent.

Me: (Head of Design & Display) I’m standing nervously in the garage, praying that nobody else haggles with me over 25 cents and frustrated with people making a mess.

Mom & Dad: (Finances) Mom’s adding long lists of random cents and making change from her coat pockets. Dad’s also doing Product Demonstration, in case any one was confused about the furniture or books.

The Crew

Product Demonstration

For Sarah Beth—yes, it’s a legit ponytail.

These are a few of my medical school sweethearts that I snuck away to see at Angie’s shower. (L to R) Emily, Becky, Angie (bride-to-be!), Me, Leslie

And, just because I think it’s fun (and people are always surprised), this is what these girls are going in to…Ear, Nose & Throat, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Radiology, Neurosurgery.

Saturday night we CELEBRATED the new house with both sets of parents and our best friends Lauren & Drew. We went to work out the details with the builder. It’s certainly more house that we need, but Russ & I are THRILLED about moving in here if everything works out.

Then we wined & dined at Popolos….and, of course, Starbucks.

PACKING. Are these T-shirts breeding in my closet? I should probably be able to get rid of a few of those Tri Delt T-shirts that were passdowns from Mandy & SB….but I can’t seem to do it just yet. Russ did a 100 mile bikeride with one of his buddies (getting ready for the Ironman Arizona triathlon in April); he’s been fighting with some chronic aches, but this sight made me laugh instead of sympathetic. I told him that he should be on the back of a cereal box with something that said, “Hey kids. See how many bandages you can find,” with the answer upside down at the bottom.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

woo hoo!

Fantabulous news. We have a house! Now, all we need is a radiology spot. Russ & I fell in love with this house instantly when we were looking. It’s a little north of Knox Henderson, near White Rock Lake in Dallas. If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s pretty eclectic--lots of young professionals, outdoorsy people, and quaint little cafes (even 1 of the top 10 cupcake bakeries in America). We weren’t sure if the deal would work out, but looks like luck (and a poopy housing market) are on our side—contingent on the Match, of course. I’m so excited!!

This pic is from a real estate website (a little blurry). We're going back on Saturday, so I'll try to get some better ones then.

Grace is stressed about making the traveling squad; she's being super needy & has serious Harry Potter ears going on...

ps-Will also got to go home today!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Hi. My name is Sara & I am a blogstalker."

There—now it’s out. Ever since Tiffani’s heart surgery, I have become addicted to reading the blogs of my favorite West Texas girls (and some of their friends and so on). A bit late in the game, I have decided to make my own…#1 to justify reading all your blogs without being so creepy and #2 to let you know that I’m not dead, even though I’ve been MIA during medical school. I finally figured out how to make the header, so off we go…

Russell & I live in Waxahachie right now—but only for a few more days! We’re having a garage sale this weekend, and MOVING OUT! Where are we moving? Do I officially know where I’m doing residency? Am I packed? All good questions. Hopefully, we’ll be moving to Dallas (cross your fingers!) for residency, but we won’t find out for sure until “Match Day” on March 20th. In the interim, we’re going to live in Waco with my in-laws; it’ll be great to see them, to be close to our new nephew, and to let Russell actually live in the town where he works for a little while! And, packing---grrrrr.

And, because I’m obsessed with pictures, here are a few snapshots of recent, random excitement. Russ and I had dinner with Sara & John Smith (known as Sara Butler in old school) and their daughter Ella. It was WONDERFUL to catch up—like we’d never missed a day. For those of you who know Sara well, Ella is already quite a mix of her momma’s sweetness & sassiness! (Note: NOT helping my baby fever.)

For friends that are like family, the Cox twins (from Abilene) are 2-for-2 on engagements over the past few weekends. Katherine is in medical school in San Antonio, and Taylor lives in North Carolina. I had a chance to hang out with him while I was in Winston Salem for a residency interview.

Stephanie and Andrew are at Princeton, and I’m yet to meet this Prince Charming (below).

Finally, a prayer request for our sweet nephew, Will. Will the Thrill. He’s been in the hospital since Monday with RSV (a respiratory virus). He’s in a little oxygen mist tent and is getting IV steroids and antibiotics. Medically, I know he’ll be fine, and if he was admitted to my service at the hospital, I wouldn’t be too worried. But, he’s family—and that makes it much more personal. We want our baby to feel better! (The picture's a little old--Will's 4 mo now. That's my brother-in-law, Ryan.)

A Sonic break, and then back to the boxes!