Tuesday, March 25, 2008

match day

match day--one of the most emotional, most exciting, most relieving, most surreal days to date. 4 years of medical school & you find out where you'll go to residency by opening a letter in your mailbox. it went something like this...

the keys (that you ONLY need for match day)--nevermind that i forgot mine in waco & my father-in-law & parents had to shuttle it up north for me!

banner covering the mailboxes...just imagine the football team rushing through one in the friday night lights. it was that kind of aggression & chaos, but with nerds instead of jocks.
lauren--my best medical school friend, who's also going to baylor to do radiology. yea!
we were on the dallas news answering questions at this moment. i didn't actually see it, but wow--sure hope they caught this angle.

ALMOST all of our close friends are staying in dallas. joy (hugging in the black) is doing ob-gyn at baylor, alycia (hugging in the yellow) is doing anesthesiology at southwestern & katie (in the blue) is moving to waco to do family practice. in the best suprise of the day, emily (below, with me) is staying at southwestern to do ENT. and, jenny (who was nowhere to be found at this point) is doing medicine at baylor.

these are my classmates that will be doing radiology at baylor with me: tom, lauren & thomas!
and, the celebration that ensued...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

drum roll, please...


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

smile provoking

while the waiting game continues & the rain POURS down in dallas, there have been several brights spots over the past few days...
1. i got this page from russell last night during my very last (ever, ever) medical school shift. at 11:01 pm, this is what made me smile, "snotty kid sneezing in your face...$10.00; anybody & everybody telling you what to do for the last time...FREE; 2:59 minutes of school left in your entire life...PRICELESS. OH YEAH that's right, 179 minutes left...love you. have a good night."

2. the attaways--a family that i ADORE. i stayed with aunt mary last week while russ was out-of-town. she's my mom's best friend from childhood, and she's such a witty miss america. a guaranteed laugh--a guaranteed hug--and a guaranteed reminder of how much i cherish friends-who-are-family. i got to hang out with the attway girls--erin & mary claire--a bit, too; they are euqally hysterical.
mary & erin

3. russ & his triathlon craze. he did the st. patty's day tri over the weekend; it's a "sprint" tri with a 300 meter swim, 12 mile bike & 5k run (in that order). he did great & finished in just over 1 hr 4 min. sometimes i get winded just watching & trying to move between the events to take pictures.

russ' triathlon buddies--including lauren & drew skaggs! (on the ends)

4. the girls. they're vacationing in scenic west texas with they're grandparents right now while they're parents are homeless. we decided to avoid the pps investigation (puppy protective services) by making them nomads, too. this is a scene from abilene, but i can guarantee that molly just bit grace's ear & stole the stick...because she's just mean like that.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I have a radiology spot...

...but I don't know where. I found out today that I matched (as in, didn't get cross cut) but won't find out where until Thursday (read: bid day). This is a look back at the crazy interview process that started in November...

St. Louis (Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology)...the arch & the park across from the hospital that had the hugest leaves ever -->

Baltimore (Johns Hopkins)...the Harbor Christmas lights parade & Russ outside our flat-->
Boston (Mass General)...brrr, a sign in my hotel that made me smile -->

Houston --> Charleston, SC...the church & Christmas market outside my window -->

Atlanta (Emory) -->

North Carolina (Wakeforest & UNC) --> Temple (Scott & White) --> Christmas! --> gashing my head open on the desk right before Dallas interviews --> Baylor (Dallas) --> Southwestern (Dallas) -->

Rochester (Mayo Clinic)...seeing Jessica Egger in Minnesota! -->

...tired of living out of airports & suitcases! Now, we're just waiting for Thursday!

ps--Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

savor dallas

saturday (last saturday) we went to "savor dallas" with our good friends, katie & travis. it's an annual wine tasting (the term 'tasting' being open to interpretation) that starts at the meyerson symphony hall and the nasher scultpture museum & then continues with hors d'oeuvres at victory park at the american airlines center. it was a little cold--but a BLAST. this was our attempt at being couture & cultured, but you can tell from the pictures that we only got sillier as the night went on...

i have this weird obsession with all things "mini" & these were tiny cheeseburgers from wolfgang puck.

russell's curls are GONE! i like the new 'do, but there's a part of me that's still mourning.

this is the "walking to the sky" sculpture...

...and these are the people at the bottom, watching the others walk to the sky. security came to get me on this one because apparently you're not supposed to touch the statues--oops, easier to ask forgiveness than permission!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

more than medicine for little people

i've been working in the pedi ER this month, and i LOVE Children's Medical Center. if i had a kid, i would bring them here; if i could pass for being under 18 (not so much with gray hair!), i would come here. the ER is busy (sometimes CRAZY), but the kids are sweet & trying to make the little ones laugh is part of the routine exam.

i LOVE Children's because...

--RUTHIE, RUTHIE, RUTHIE (who wouldn't feel better having ruthie take care of them?)

--the ER has popsicles for the kids

--the nurses are incredible

--they have "magic juice" that makes it not hurt to pull off bandages/tape/etc & patches that numb the skin before any needle stick

--the train lobby (it's so neat...the pic doesn't really do it justice.)

--there's a starbucks in the crosswalk from the parking garage (can i just get that IV?)

--there's also this sign in the crosswalk

--the kids are resilient & want to get well

--it makes you keep things in perspective & appreciate what it means to be healthy

--they tranport the kids in these moo moo red wagons

it's been a fabulous place for my last med school rotation (only 24 hours of "school" to go)!