Wednesday, April 30, 2008

not today :(

word on the street is that we'll be here another 2 days! i thought russ was going to scream when his doctor said that this morning because he hates being cooped up--but, he's actually taking the whole thing very gracefully & in good spirits.

claude & becky came to visit last night...
(and saw RL's tat for the 1st time)

morphine russell (this is his talkative, giggly alter ego that comes out at night...because he only has pain at night) INSISTED that i lay down with him--but the hospital bed is entirely too small.

today's little perks...

his leg looks tremendously better & he's healing up well! "but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self-control." galations 5:22

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

sweet friends...


but, since i have so much spare time right was another (early) weekend of celebrations!

friday, my med school girlfriends threw a wine & cheese party to celebrate my birthday! (i actually met the back-half of my 20's back on 4/9.) it was wonderful--super sweet--and an excellent excuse to get together.

make a wish! all of these girls (except katie, who'll be in waco...sigh) are staying in dallas for residency & we've assured katie that the daily lindsey I-35 cartel shuttle will still be running!

it always seems to get a little out-of-hand (particularly with vino & a self-timer). thanks loves!

oh, these don't have anything to do with the weekend, but i got them for my birthday from the coxes and they make me laugh out loud. the one on the left says, "sometimes we pretend that i'm his servant," and the one on the right says, "one frozen entree away from a nervous breakdown." ha! that hits pretty close to home.

saturday we went to the farmers' market with lauren & drew. and, then we went to ft. worth to meet up with several of my high school friends...

circa 1997/98...AHSome

me, sara, mere, mc


meredith & blake, mary catherine (sadly, sans alex because he had already crashed!), sara & ella, and me

chad & mary catherine (paup) parsons cooked fajitas (yummy!) at their house! there was a lot of catching up to be done, a few a-high tennis memories to be relived, and a couple of babies to meet (alex & blake are ADORABLE!). there's been a TON change since highschool ... obviously ... we're all married & they're all mothers. but, so much has stayed the is still the perfect, charming hostess; meredith still has the wit & the sarcasm that i remember; sara still has the innocent smile & mischievious laugh. i love having friends that 'knew you back when,' that ask about your parents & that you can pick back up with despite the years in between. i spent hours...days...a HUGE CHUNK of my life on a tennis court with these girls. they have seen me at my most frustrated & most competitive; they know my temper & why i now have varicose veins in the shape of a racket edge on my calves. but, they are also part of some of my fondest & best memories!

MELT MY HEART. yes, ella, i will do it--whatever it is. yes, i will feed you cobbler at 10 pm. i'm not the only sucker because ella has russell wrapped around her finger, too! he loves this little girl! (sara & john...hopefully, he won't permanently warp her by giving her disney princesses stick-on 'staches & smokes!) IT WAS SUCH A FUN, FABULOUS NIGHT! (more fun pics HERE!)

"I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends." -William Shakespeare

Russ is in the hospital!

A quick rundown...Russ' left big toe has been hurting since after the Ironman, and we thought he had just jammed his toenail or gotten a stress fracture or something. But, it started hurting really bad over the weekend & got scary red. We went to a doc-in-the-box on Sunday & he got started on antibiotics for cellulitis (which is just a skin/soft tissue infection). We thought it was getting better but woke up Monday morning to find it streaking up his leg (which means that his lympathic vessels were infected/inflamed, too)!

We came to the Baylor ER yesterday at 2pm...Russ is a super germ-phobe so we had some good laughs as the sickest people in the ER kept sitting by us (which is why there are people ralphing in the background of our delirious pics)....

won't get me to beijing, but i broke my own PR on the cell phone game (brickbreaker!), and 8 1/2 hours later we scored an actual ER room!

See the red stripe going from his left big toe up his calf?! That candy-cane stripe is what bought him a ticket into the hospital for some IV antibiotics!

It's a little more faint, but you can see it all the way up his thigh.

And, then the real entertainment arrived...

Lauren was feeling Russ' crazy, swollen lymph nodes (...the things med school makes you okay with doing)! And, Drew was doing what Drew does best...

2 am: Russ got a huge corner room with 2 walls of windows...

...and proceeded to talk with the asphalt crew that was paving overnight until he finally fell into morphine-land ~3am.

He's already feeling much better this morning, and his leg is improving! You can still see a faint pink stripe. His pain is a little better, too, but he's starting to go stir crazy! They just swept him off for a doppler of his legs (to rule-out a blood clot) & we're waiting on word from his doc about when he might get to go home.

Please remember russ in your prayers--that the bug juice would continue to heal, that his pain would subside, and that his spirit would stay strong!

Friday, April 25, 2008

welcome back

thursdays are complete again! i want a sparkle pager, too.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

toasts & tats

It's been a crazy, fun week! We made an impromptu trip to Abilene because Russ has been working nights paving in Brownwood. So, we got to see the Hobster & Dars, and I got to play with this little booger that I don't see nearly often enough! This is Cynthia Grace, Leila (Kinard) Darby's little girl.

Friday, we got together in Dallas to CELEBRATE...Alycia & Bryan's engagement, Lauren & Drew's closing on their new house & Russ' Ironman! We set Alycia & Bryan up on a blind date back in August and---yea!---it worked. In weird way, I feel like we had to pass on the blind date luck & romance since that's how Russ & I were introduced (THANK YOU, LOVE YOU, OWE YOU--MANDY!).

we had a quasi-picnic at the skaggs' new house since none of their furniture had been moved yet.

SURPRISE!! And, then we found ourselves here...

I've been in a tattoo shop one other time in my life....Sunni then-soon-to-be Lazo's bachelorette weekend. So, in the spirit of the Panians (and as a fulfillment of my highschool pledge to have my fiance's initial tattoed), Russ got inked!

Maybe we found this so funny because our guys are particulary flatulent, but it'll make you think twice next time you see someone with trendy tribal may not, afterall, mean "peace" or "love" because this is also one of the options...

blurry but it says "wind from the bowels, fart." yes, that's what i want. i mean really, what is that...a booty cheek warning?!
Is he supposed to be laughing? (He's sober, for real.)
So maybe we stuck out a little...
The final's the Ironman logo....affectionately known as M-dot. I love it that Russ can be so straight-laced & proper and yet so spontaneous & unexpected!
Saturday, we got together again to celebrate Bryan's 30th birthday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


He's an Ironman!

I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED OR SO PROUD! Ironman Arizona was one of the neastest events I've seen. The pictures don't begin to do it justice because they don't even start to portray the intensity of the day or the life of training that led up to the day. The guys raced alongside Olympians & absolutely proved their endurance & their strength. It was AMAZING; I don't know what else to say. I cried when it started; I cried when it ended; I've cried rewatching the finish line video. A day that we won't forget...

Russ finished the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike & 26.2 mile run in 13 hours, 1 min, 25 seconds. Our friend, Brad, is an Ironman, too! If the distances don't seem scary enough, know that it was almost 100 degrees with 20+ mph winds...brutal...almost 25% of the athletes didn't finish. You can imagine how out-of-control I got with my camera being alone with it ALL day. So, here's a sampling of the pictures...they go in order of the day (swim -> bike -> run) but since there were loops on the course, I got to see the guys multiple times. Crazy that it starts & ends in the dark! (Some of the pictures may seem like Where's Waldo?...Russ is wearing gray/red.)

Heading into the transition area pre-dawn. Still iron-virgins (for real, that's the phrase).

Russ getting his bike stuff ready.

Russ & Brad


Russ & Brad (with the yellow on their arms) just before the swim start.

The guys are in the bottom right corner.

Canon blast starting Ironman Arizona! Obviously, you can't pick out Russ or Brad, but they started just behind that yellow buoy.

Mass swim start. You can't even begin to imagine how this looked from the bridge.

Just out of the swim in 1 hr, 20 min! Yea! (Amazing that they were able to stay together.)

Ashley Harsh

Russ on the bike...

Brad on the bike.

Russ transitioning to the run...

Russ on the marathon course...

Brad running.
Russ--almost to the finish line!

The big screen display of him busting through the finish line ribbon!

1st hug of my Ironman!

Hustled away to the medic tent for some fluids...

Brad almost to the finish line!

Ironman Arizona finishers!