Saturday, May 31, 2008


i graduate today--as in, i'm actually finished with school & i'm officially a doctor. not yet...later today. it's something i've looked forward to since i was a kid--and maybe that's what makes it so hard to believe that it's here.

this is the picture from the white coat ceremony when i was a first year med student. i was so excited, so proud to slip on that coat. i thought i had learned so much but, in hindsight, i didn't know anything. i couldn't have done a decent physical exam; i couldn't have written a note in the chart; i couldn't have imagined what the next 3.5 years would bring.

it's been 4 years of growing up, toughening up, staying up----of realizing the sacrifice it takes & the privilege it is to be in medicine. i would have never made it without russ & the family.

this is the oath we'll take tonight: "I pledge the following as an expression of the spirit in which I will strive to practice medicine: To promote health and relieve suffering in both the living and the dying. To approach all my patients with integrity, candor, empathy, and respect. To honor the confidences entrusted to me. To be a student and teacher always, and to remain conscious of my limitations. To place the welfare of the patients above personal gain, and to protect patients from improper care. To respond always in an emergency. To improve health care for the underserved, and to work to change those conditions in society that threaten the health of the community. To withdraw from active practice when I am no longer capable of fulfilling these pledges. To keep the promise of Hippocrates: "Above all, do no harm." I make these pledges solemnly, freely, and upon my honor."

so, later today, they tell me that i'm no longer the kid in the chair but that i'm really a doctor. i'll let you know...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

UT Southeastern

Every year at Southwestern, the senior class of medical students makes a movie, and the premiere of ours--UT Southeastern--was at the Angelika last night. It's actually a legit movie because Southwestern's media department does all the filming & editing. I feel certain that you need to have gone to school, or at least lived with someone going to school, at Southwestern to half-way appreciate the humor. I'll admit that I got a little out-of-control laughing (always at inappropriate times), clapping & generally whooping & hollering. We've all had very warped social lives so there are a lot of easy targets. Of course, I'm super awkward on camera so I had a very brief, silent appearance on the big screen. From the red carpet to the after party...

RL was skeptical, but he ended up really enjoying it!

WAMY! Amy (Lampert) McAdams--someone I have not seen nearly enough of during the last 4 years! I'm thrilled that they are staying in Dallas for Rocky to be an eye doctor!

It was a really fun night that for a moment (a very brief, sentimental moment) made me sad that it was all about to be over.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

smile for me :)

The link to the pics that Chera took:

These are some of my favorites...

Monday, May 26, 2008

lovin' the long weekend

a holiday weekend indeed. my festivities started friday by having lunch with mandy & jenna. never a dull moment. these girls always snap me back to the carefree days of college...

(we missed you, sb & ruthie! delta love)

...and keep me real today. for those who don't know, mandy is the one responsible for setting russ & i up on our blind date--so we owe her, well, everything! snappy salads, sprinkles (sex on a plate) & swoozies!

after all our success with our front porch, we decided to rock the back porch on saturday. we were at lowe's at 6 am sharp to deliver the goods home (driving around in a beater of a home improvement how you always feel sort-of sorry for the people moving all their furniture in the back of their pick-up...that was completely us looking like suckers!). pics to come--this became a heavy, heavy project.

sunday--we went to a cookout at our neighbor's--which, by the way, we have 3 couples who live around us who are sweet & funny & we're excited to get to know them (so i'm trying not to scare them away by being a photo nazi). and, i had pics taken with my best med school friends (without lauren or emily, :( our travelers). it was HOT--sweaty, frying pan, heat stroke hot. chera was fun & is apparently an expert at photo-shopping out sweat beads. thanks, natalie, for telling us about her! we're thrilled about how they turned out. here's a few....and i'll post the link to the rest when they're ready.

we also saw the new indiana jones (one of rl's all-time favs) at inwood theater. if you live in dallas & haven't been to this theater, it's worth a visit. the seating is comfy loveseats & beanbags---perfect for snuggling during sweet shows, cuddling during sad ones & being protected during the scary stuff. finally, we wrapped up the weekend seeing our dear housers!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

"you make the world a better place."

fun. i've gotten to play more in the last 4 weeks than in the last 4 years combined. kyle came to visit this weekend & stayed with us. we got up early on saturday to grout the porch & finish that project (ouch...random points of soreness) & then we planted flowers. these are my favorites--they're zinnias (and i only know that because of the cardboard deal stuck in them). they've had 2 days of H2O in a row + miracle it looks like we're off to a good start.

saturday night we got to celebrate katie's birthday at the ultra chic wine bar, cru. katie's one of my best med school friends; she was a baylor girl, too, but i didn't know her then. actually, we met the day we took our MCAT. anyhow, she's such a great friend--always considerate & kind, super crafty, amazingly faithful & she's been a true blessing through this whole med school journey.

joy, katie & brad

jenny, katie & christina

two random things that were funny about that night...1) the krogers by our house makes awesome fondant cakes (the really smooth, pretty, wedding-cake type icing) & they make really amazing shapes like hats & turtles--edible art. so, i had ordered a trendy little hat & when i went to pick it up, the lady gives me a blank stare, a no-english speaking "no hat" response & offers me this as the best substitution....

thinking that she was perhaps confused, i start speaking louder (because that helps people understand english) & point out that the cake is supposed to be a hat, not a hamburger. nothing (from her). ok, so the party's in 15 minutes, and i guess i'll take the hamburger. then, i felt like steve martin in the pink panther. (i NEVER know movie quotes, but i can hear hobster & russ doing this one in my sleep, so if you're not familiar, it's here: 2) all of kt's cards kept saying, ver batim, "you make the world a better place." it's true, she does, but it was too coincidental that they all said the same thing. i almost always drop the ball on getting sweet cards, so russell drew it out pictionary-style for her while she was opening other presents so that she'd know how much the lindseys love her, too!

today, we went to church & then we took a 3 hour nap (as in, under the covers...yes, in my church dress...really); it was heavenly. and, now we're out on a job in joshua, tx that's running at night. i've spent many a nights sitting in the passenger seat of russell's truck on night jobs; for whatever reason, i love to tag along for these. we always get giddy giggly, sing with the radio & get a sonic diet coke on the way (and tonight, a "spicy" pickle in a bag....which looked pretty creepy to start with & ended up being more like a jalapeno...bad idea). then, we drive up & down the jobs, lights-a-flashing, with russ jumping in & out of his truck the whole time. the simple joys of being a contractor's wife. so, this is a glimpse into the rest of our life, which usually doesn't make the pictures....this is a milling machine (my favorite piece of equipment because it looks like a brontosaurus, even though you can't see that in the pic) & it chews up the asphalt. and, the next is a paving machine that puts the new asphalt down. never thought i'd know so much about dirt & rocks, but russ loves it (and it feeds us both)!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bob Vila: Weekend Edition

As usual, we plan too much to do in too little time. We are always adding new, random projects to the weekend To Do list, underestimating the time needed & perpetually running late because of these bad habits.

Saturday, we snuck out for a crawfish boil with my med school friends. We bought an automatic dog fountain, water deal for the dogs a few weeks ago & Molly realized that she could flood the porch, play in the mud & dig wicked holes. That didn't really fly with Russell so he just made a concrete addition that causes the water to rapidly run to the other side. That good 'ol contractor eye came out & it has a TX highway worthy slope to it---I haven't tried it yet, but you might be able to intertube along it if you left the hose running :)

So, sad day for Molly on one count, but she did get a new Taj Mahal sized crate. It could really hold a small elephant because it's smallest dimension is 48". I'm too embarrassed to show a picture of the old one; CPS would be after me because her ears (which, in my defense, are really big) stuck completely out the top. So, score for Molly on this one.

Sunday, we slated our front porch. This is before...

This is after...

The porch was deceptively big & the 12 inch squares were deceptively heavy after a while. I was in charge of arranging the tiles RANDOMLY. That is the kiss of death for my symmetrical, logical, pattern-oriented personality. My randomness is pre-planned....hence, not random. So, we ended up with a bunch of black tiles left over (thank goodness there were enough!) because I guess I tended towards the colored ones. Russ did a great job actually laying the slate, and we're excited about how it turned out.

Finally, after a post about fun, but ulimately irrelevant & unimportant things, I have to add a few prayers requests that have been heavy on my heart over the weekend. In the midst of my playing & enjoying time off, this last week has been full of hardship for several of our dear friends. Links to all of these families are on my list...

--Rebecca Watkins (Abilene tennis girls, remember Becky? She's a year younger than me & played at Cooper.) Her mom, Denise, died of brain cancer on Friday.

--Kylie (This is Russell's best friend's niece; Hollie's daughter.) She's 16 months old & in the hospital again with unexplained fever. The docs are worried about leukemia, which is obviously every family's worst nightmare. That's worst-case-scenario; waiting on answers.

--Ben Fox's brother has been fighting his way through the ICU, having a really rough & scary post-op course.

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother." --Abraham Lincoln

Happy Mother's Day! When I get caught up in the vain & silly details of day-to-day life & completely lose focus, these are the women who keep me grounded. If I could grow up to be just a piece of them, I would be thrilled--witty & sweet, selfless hearts, fantastic cooks, enduring love. I love you!


Becky (Russ' mom)

Grandma (my mom's mom)--How I miss her!

Mema (my dad's mom)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

i tri(ed)...

our lives were a little haphazard this weekend as we were trying to get the house back in order after RL's hospital stay. he is doing great, by the way! both sets of parents were in town on friday, and my mom & dad stayed for the weekend to visit, help us hang pics, run errands...and to be my cheerleaders...

...because i did my first triathlon on sunday! we decided ~10 days ago to sign up for this event--which would have given me plenty of time (hint of sarcasm) to train if i hadn't gotten off-track during the hospital adventure. nevertheless, i really wanted to do it (and russ has begged me to try one for so long!) & so i went ahead with russ, hobster & dars as my coaching/support team. i've been a spectator at a bunch of tri's, but russ had to walk me through the details & teach me how to set up my transition area & change my bike tire the night before. it was a short ("sprint"--which isn't exactly what i did) triathlon: 300 meter swim, 13.8 mile bike, 5k run. i apologize for the padded spandex pictures but it was awesome--so much more fun than i had expected! i may not be as addicted as he is, but i'm certainly game for more!
after the swim...trying to quickly get russell's leggings on because i was cold & wet
just after i finished. needing deep breaths & wanting to sit down...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Homeward Bound!

Russ is getting to go home today! I think it was harder on him when he felt well than when he actually felt bad! Thanks for taking care of us this week--your visits & calls & comments made us smile & your prayers brought us peace.

Russell's college roommate, Ben Fox, brought some true artillery for the inmate & we had target practice. Good thing I was a 'ball girl' at tennis tournaments as a kid because that was my role here, too.

Katie provided hours of entertainment, medical consults & caffeine. ps--This is RL's "so sick" face.

And, this is the nerdy side coming out. They were doing a Doppler ultrasound of RL's leg vessels; the color you see tells you which direction the blood's flowing & there are little waveforms which tell you how fast the blood is flowing. Anyhow, they did a bunch of extra studies of RL's blood vessels to make sure nothing was wrong with his arterial or venous circulations. Everything was normal (which we expected), but since the redness involved only 1 toe, they wanted to rule out a blockage.

We did a lot of film screenings this week & this was our favorite...refreshingly funny, surprisingly sweet! "He is the cheese to my macaroni."

We're glad to be headed home!