Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

Well, we've been playing hard before my internship starts on Tuesday. I snuck home for a few fun days to hang out with Mom & Dad.

We also escaped a few weekends ago to Pensacola, FL for a long weekend with Lauren & Drew. It was marvelous! Any beach trip with those two includes poolside mojitos (or banana daiquiris for me), workouts overlooking the ocean, gourmet meals and side-splitting laughter.

Russ' classic pancake flipping...even though it looks like it's sawing Drew's head in 1/2.

This is Russell reading a book...the first time ever documented and only the second time ever seen. It was a little too weird for me--looks like I've rubbed off on him after all.

A completely miscellaneous picture of Molly (what's left of her). She looked like she had mange and when I grabbed to see what was going on, I got a clump of fur in my hand. We have a flokati rug in our house, but we seriously could make another one out of this dog.

I've been having Baylor Orientation since last Thursday, and they had a welcome dinner for us Saturday night. This is a picture of my fellow medicine interns (minus 2)--the people that I will be in the trenches with for the next year. 9 of them are actually going to be internal medicine docs, 2 will be ophthalmologists and the other 5 of us are radiology bound.

I have one more day of orientation tomorrow, and then I start working for real on Tuesday. I start on the CCU (cardiac intensive care)--yikes. I also know that I'll be on call BY MYSELF some night this week and q4 (every fourth night) after that--yikes. I have moments of clarity followed by moments of sheer panic. When they call me at 2 am because a patient is having chest pain and shortness of breath, I feel like I might have those complaints myself.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." -Clarence Kelland

My Dad is casually brilliant, a laid-back jack-of-all-trades and a selfless spirit. He's the ultimate supporter and encourager.

I respect him immensely, but particularly his contentment; he's not wavered by the world. The steady sunshine of a quiet heart--I was raised by it, and I know it now.

Dad--HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Love, love, love you! I'm proud of you & thankful you're mine. x's and o's

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You are Ironman

This is Russ' finish line video; we just got it. Makes me swell with pride and tear up all over again!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

the things we share...

This was a very slow-paced weekend compared to the last one. Russ & I went riding around the lake on Saturday. I caught Molly, our German shepherd, licking the top of my water bottle on my bike before we left for the lake. We were running late, so I gave it a quick wipe off & went on (more disgusting that I realized at the time)...

I was hot & I was thirsty, and then within 5 minutes of getting home, I see that Molly...

1. Is licking her booty
2. Is chewing on a dead baby bird
3. Possibly has worms

Awesome. Hopefully I don't get parvo. I think I'm okay with a tapeworm--so long as it likes Taco Bueno, Sonic diet cokes & such; I'm probably not that lucky & it'll be a raw vegetable, vegan tapeworm.

Nevertheless, we helped move Kyle in this weekend (Russ' best friend). He just moved back to Dallas & is going to stay with us for a while---our fav new roomdog!

And, Russ & I did another sprint triathlon on Sunday! Super fun (although I'm still terribly out of shape). Ashley Harsh kept Grace (who was very excited) during the race. The wind was blowing about 25 mph, so it made for a crazy swim in the waves of Joe Pool Lake & for an interesting bike along the dam.

the petting zoo

Grace working on her swim split

sparkling blue, crystal clear waters

stretching post-workout

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dr. Lindsey

It's official--Sara Lindsey, MD! What a wonderful, memorable weekend! It was one celebration after another, and I'm a little sad that it's over. I never would have made it this far without Russ and Mom & Dad--they've been my encouragement all along. Becky & Claude (my in-laws) have been amazing, too, and they came up for the weekend as well!

Lauren & Drew had a dinner at their house Friday night...

Saturday night--UT Southwestern graduation! It's tradition that there be a private hooding ceremony with just graduates & faculty and that the main ceremony be held outside (with 90+ degree weather). Despite the heat, it was a really poignent event and a night I'll remember forever.

before the hooding with Amy

Dr. Angie Seda

Dr. Emily Crozier

Dr. Lauren Skaggs

These are the hoods they placed over us during the hooding ceremony (please appreciate how much fabric I was under on that warm TX evening). The green of the robes is for medicine and the orange & white are school colors. So, if I ever need to wear graduation regalia again, I would wear these colors regardless of the ceremony to signify my alma mater. With the faculty being from all over the world, there were plenty of crazy Robin Hood-esque outfits around.

Dr. Christina Seeley

Taking the oath.

Officially Dr. Lindsey!

Dr. Katie Vick & Dr. Christina Stine

Celebrating with the family at Cru wine bar. I signed the champagne bottle with my M.D. for the 1st time!

We had a party at our house the next day; Russ & the fam were amazing in pulling this one off. It was tremendously fun & was filled with my all-time favorite people. These were the front of the invitations.

Drs. Lindsey, Wanat & Skaggs

The special petit fours brought in from Abilene (McKay's)--delic!

Laura (soon-to-be doctor)-Me-Lauren-Alycia

The Attaways & Reids

Erin, Aunt Mary & Mary Claire

Ella playing doctor with Russ; she was generously giving shots with her syringe, too.

John, Sara & Ella

Kyle & Lindsey

Laura Ley

Brad & Jenna

Uncle Ronnie & Aunt Jeannie (my dad's sister)

The highway-worthy signs Russ had made. He's not a cutesie, crafty person so this meant a lot to me because it was something he knew I would like.

Here it is, Drew; I know you'd be disappointed otherwise. No camera is safe with Drew around. Nevermind the obvious (which would be the exposed butt cheeks), there were 2 problems with this display. 1--He accidently picked up my Mom's camera for the picture. 2--Knowing Drew, I feel certain he didn't eat the petit four when he was finished using it as a prop...which means I probably did...awesome.

If I keep going, I'll get overly sentimental. It was great to have the family in town; they all worked tremendously hard to make the weekend special for me, and it was better than I had ever imagined. I can't thank them enough. Love you, love you, love you.