Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'm alive - and I'm well (even if I only have 2 pictures to prove it)! Nan & Jessi Egger and sweet Julie Bell, who are dear friends from forever ago, were in town for wedding dress shopping. We had a blast catching up with them.

(BTW, I started 5th grade after all the AISD redistricting hoopla, and I got sent, by myself, to a new elementary. I hated it--all 5 days of it. Anyhow, I was able to transfer back to Austin because Julie was my "babysitter." She'd pick me and her son, Matt, up everyday at school and drive me <0.5 miles to their house on Windsor...where my sneaky grandparents--my real babysitters--were covertly waiting. The AHSome life of Sara Stevens as we know it would have been drastically different without her.)

Nan, Julie, Jessica, Me, Mom & Dad

I know I'm all grown up, but I've been a hard-core dependent, a vacuum, a black-hole of sorts until now. We celebrated my first paycheck with a date on me; I'm officially a crumb-winner! (I'm not sure about Russ' face in this one, or about his choke hold on my head; let's just blame it on that bottle in the foreground.)

My 2nd day off since I started is this Saturday, so I'll try to be a better blogger!