Sunday, August 31, 2008

more simple joys

a post to come with pictures of our holiday, but we've had the chance to be lazy (said, luh-huh-AA-zee) bones & to just hang out together--and it has been absolutely blissful. 

i clearly love one boy & two dogs more than any person should, but the calm, quiet stillness of this weekend has been a sweet reminder of the simple joys i often overlook.  the random details of life that make me smile...

- sleeping in - holding hands - time for quiet prayer - eyes that sparkle & wink - getting carried away - diet cokes with lime - health - having friends & family worth adoring - inside jokes - fireplaces - patios - being 'little girl ticklish' - drinks with umbrellas - paper lanterns - being too casual for the drama of Dallas - snuggling - romance - candlelight- flowerbeds - Texas wind in my face - oatmeal pancakes - flavored coffee - sarcasm - whispering - trashy magazines - lipstick - hugs - faith - daydreams - sweet friends - having my hair washed - laughing out loud - frozen bananas - splenda - a good run - catching people off guard - being unsuspected - drives with the windows down - singing with the radio - being clumsy in high heels - flying - making cobbler - eating with friends - highschool football - painting my fingernails - dresses - pallet night with grandma's quilt - watching movies - gumball machines - RL's enthusiasm - pictures - bubble baths - writing in the steam on the shower walls - being grateful - being content - knowing we're blessed -

Saturday, August 30, 2008

simple joys

i hate that i'm so late in posting these because i've looked at them on my camera 100 times, but here are a few recent things...

we snuck out to three forks with katie & travis during restaurant week when they came up from wacko. it was a fantastic, mojito madness reunion.

we snuck over to ft. worth to celebrate miss ella's 2nd birthday! she absolutely melts us...

it was a rare showing of the lindsey playground skills (which on the new millenium playgound sets were a little rusty). ella called me out on being a distractable, inconsitent pusher.

i'm not really sure what ths thing is...look for it in london 2012.

john & russell braved the cold water with ella. (no, that's not a boring khaki bathing suit that russell is wearing...he just decided to swim in [part of] what he had on...and i think that's perfectly appropriate to just strip down & bare it at a childrens' waterpark. russell had at least as much fun as ella.)

this was the bravest smile i could muster as we said goodbye to sara & john & sent the smiths off to their new home in colorado.

and, last but not least, this is my ward team from the past month---syed, me & troy. clearly, i'm bringing down the height average...maybe i could be the point guard. it's always kind-of interesting because we just get assigned to teams (who, at that point, are basically strangers) and then you spend many, many hours everyday and many, many call nights working together....and pretty soon you're pretty good friends. the hospital certainly strips away all glamour and there's no real way to deny the greasy ponytail, the worn-off makeup or the black under-eyes. you run codes together, you eat meals together, and when there's a lull in the action, you play...

ping pong together! i love baylor! (this would have already been stolen from parkland.)

don't competitive streak is alive & well. i got STOMPED--that court is just to *!@# small. how am i not supposed to swing?! i think i even hit my leg with the paddle, just for old times sake (those veins are already broken from the AHS giddly days anyways).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

we joined today...

"once you go mac, you never go back."  that's what they tell me.  russ & i got a new laptop today and as excited as i am, there's trepidation & doubt in my heart because i'm a pc fan & a creature of habit.  at least i can still figure out how to get to the blogs.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

work hard, play hard

russ and i have both been BUSY--sometimes crazy and frantic. he's been working 24/7 on I35, and i've been trying to figure out how to be semi-organized & efficient on the wards (general inpatient medicine). it certainly makes us savor and appreciate the time we have together and the time we have to spend with friends.

the other interns and residents at baylor have been such a wonderful surprise and a sweet blessing. we've had a great time getting to know them over these first few months. they're amazing, amazing people--brilliant yet genuinely kind and tremendously fun.

we ventured out to the gingerman one night...
we played at reed & caroline's house another... reed & carolinecasey, jessica, me, caroline, lauren & rebekah
the skaggs, the lindseys & the lubahns
rebekah, henry & tom
...and then we finished it up with brunch at our fav, Legal Grounds.
oatmeal pancakes--divine
russ, miss dendy, caroline, reed & millie, me, jessica, jordon
rockstar dendy (and russ rocking the etch-a-sketch)
our ccu team--dr. schussler, trevor, paul & amit
tyler & ashley's engagment party
more random pics from the homefront...
kyle, lindsey & bryce
kyle, lindsey & chris
molly monster turned 1!
i found this in my pantry...jack and the beanstalk, anyone?
i think it would have been fine at thanksgiving with a little cinnamon & sugar.
yikes. yuck. and, catching the olympic opening ceremonies...the 2008 drummers anyways...while on call last night