Wednesday, September 24, 2008


"The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
This last weekend was a welcome break...a chance to catch up with good friends, to catch our breathe & to catch some Z's. We had a party at our house with the medicine residents. (As attached as I am to my camera, it pooped out & was blurry most of the had nothing to do with the photographer, either, because it was still broken in the morning....and i was so, so sad.)

my team from wards last month--matt & amit

chad & jenny duewall

drew & lauren skaggs

billy & casey taylor

tom & rebekah louis

me, jess & casey

russ & billy

jenny, jessica, me & lauren

amit & the wolinskis

a blurry troy & amit

we got to have breakfast & hang out with will (our nephew) and ryan (my brother-in-law) all saturday morning. i demonstrated proper napping technique, while pretending to watch football, for will. we don't get to see this little guy nearly often enough!
then, we made an appearance at the addison oktoberfest with the was a night of exceptional bier gartens, strudels, people watching & yodeling...

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Jackpot

everyone agrees, 7 is a lucky number. and, 7 years ago today--september 8, 2001--is the day russell & i met. most of you know this story by heart, but mandy kinkeade (now mandy anderson) set us up on a blind date to a baylor football game. it was only days before 9-11 and only days before my world got turned completely upside down. here's to once upon a time...
sb, ruthie & mando at that baylor game
there's another picture of sarah beth holding her hand up, and she punched a fake diamond earring through her ring finger soon after we started dating...and she turned out to be very, very right. russ' parents took a picture of us together that first day, too, but the camera got dropped in a lake in alaska the next, this is one of the most original, oldschool pics i have--i was 19 & russ was 21...

i am forever thankful and indebted to mandy for that day (so, since you're in germany, danke). all our love!