Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." C.S. Lewis

And that day is coming--our baby is due December 8, 2009!

Russ and I find ourselves in the midst of overwhelming joy & sweet anticipation. We are so humbled by God's favor and grateful for His faithfulness.

(Trust me, that's an 8wk baby--even though it looks like a little alien. We're having another ultrasound Monday so, hopefully, I'll have a new picture.)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

baby raney

raney bess hogan is here, and she is the most adorable baby! 

(i don't have my own picture of raney yet.  so, she's subtly hidden in the one below...covered in chic black.  caroline and reed are the proud new parents of girl #3!)

and, i guess she's my blog slumpbreaker.  my last post left such a somber impression, but life has been rich and rewarding, surprising and busy since then.  updates to follow.

of all the fairytale things that i've gotten to do in my life, last night was undoubtedly one of the neatest.  i got to be in the L&D room while raney was born.  now, i have delivered many babies myself but there was something so very different - touching and time-stopping - about witnessing your best friend laugh while she is pushing (which was unbelievable in itself), watching someone you know dearly deliver his own baby, hearing the first cry, and seeing the first moments of a life that it already blessed. 

it was absolutely magical and overwhelming.  i was in charge of the video camera...of course, tears are drowning me because i'm having overly-sentimental thoughts like, "oh my gosh! someday i will sit at this precious girl's wedding."  and, for those moments when i looked beyond the little screen of the camera or got lost in my own sweet thoughts, their video is most likely of the wall or, at least, it's shaky enough from my sobbing to cause mild nausea. 

i don't know how people have children and don't believe in God. i was humbled--by the miracle of it all and by the love that already exists for that precious life. 

when i first met reed at resident orientation last june, i would have never envisioned last night in a hundred years.  how i'm thankful for God's plan and God's timing, and for His provision of true, sweet friends who are family.