Monday, June 29, 2009

thank heaven

thank heaven, for little girls!

i went in for blood work last week, and they completely surprised me by doing another ultrasound.  russ wasn't at the appointment since we thought it was just a lab check, so the doctor sealed the gender pictures in an envelope for us to open together.  i covered my eyes and turned me head when she was looking for those views; it took everything in me not to peek.

i had already been anxious to find out what we were having, but after i got that sealed envelope in my possession, it was absolutely burning a hole in my bag. 

looks like we have a thumb sucker
(sucking thumb with head on the right & face looking up)

a sweet little foot

another straight-on alien face shot
(face is on the right, turned sideways)

i immediately jumped in my car and headed to meet russ on a job, grabbing lunch at one of our favorite waxahachie spots.

there is nothing in this world that i have loved more than being a contractor's wife so i think it was only appropriate that we found out on a jobsite

the envelope...


those pictures of russell absolutely melt me.  i have never seen a more tender smile or more genuine excitement come out of the boy!  we are both overjoyed.

then, to the announcing...we both (but russell in particular) are terrible with surprises. i had to beg russell not to pick up the phone and call his parents right away; i bargained for 15 minutes to come up with something semi-cute.  so, we emailed a picture of this from my iPhone on the job with a note that said... 

"can we paint this PINK?"
and, we called them with the merle haggard version of "thank heaven for little girls"

for my mom & dad, i called an abilene favorite--mckay's--and enlisted the help of the girls in their office.  and, pretty soon, we had a pink surprise on the way!

and, finally, a tease for the hogans to entice them to come home from mississippi.

what a beautiful surprise & a sweet, memorable day!
we love the little princess so much already!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the beginnings of a belly

This well-insulated, average pear is becoming a bit more of an apple, and my teeniny inhabitant has erased my waist as I knew it. Don't get me wrong--I am excited to start showing, but it has surprised me because all of the sudden, this week, people at the hospital have been staring at my belly and asking about the baby. Brave souls! Maybe since so many people in medicine are socially awkward to start with, they wouldn't be mortified if they were wrong... 

So, to appease the masses--yeah right, the moms--here are the beginning of the belly shots. Excuse the inherent heebiness of my self-timer pictures, the call room greasiness, etc. 

13 wks

14 wks

15 wks

15 1/2 wks 

16 wks

Monday, June 1, 2009

we got to have another ultrasound today (12 wk 6 days) with a maternal fetal medicine specialist!  dr. magee was AMAZING.  the baby was flipping all over the place--so, so different from the little blob we saw last time!

 the scan was officially to evaluate nuchal translucency (which measured fine).  the doc was able to confirm 5 fingers on each side and a cute little nasal bone (which is a good sign against Down's syndrome). the baby had his/her feet crossed...which made a guess at gender difficult...and as soon as we got the legs uncrossed, he/she blocked us with a hand.  what a tease!  looks like the go-go-go, OCD, stubborn traits may have snuck into the gene pool!

this is my favorite one! what a sweet little arm & profile!
(baby's looking up with arm bent on the left)

(baby looking down, facing left with bright spine on the right)

(whole body profile--facing up, head on the left)

per dr. magee, the required "area 51" alien shot--scary
(straight-on face shot, slanted in upper right)

we are so thankful for a healthy journey thus far, and i am in awe of the bouncing little child inside. we're left guessing about pink vs blue until my next u/s at 20 wks - - i'm guessing girl because of one of the fleeting images we saw today but russell is sticking to his original boy conviction! we will be THRILLED regardless!

--overwhelming joy & gratefulness--

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