Sunday, August 23, 2009

how i love this boy!

russ just painted my toenails...because i can't comfortably reach my toes anymore!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I believe in miracles.

At least once in this life, I wish everyone could feel the magic of a baby moving inside of them. Every little kick makes me want to giggle and cry and hit my knees in thanks. Every jab makes me grab Russell's hand--and makes me disappointed when she won't perform and elated when he can feel it, too. It's the most miraculous thing I've ever known.

Here are a few pictures of Baby Leighton from our appointment yesterday. She's measuring right on dates and is weighing in at 1lb 3 oz! One of the Children's pediatric cardiologists did a heart ECHO (since her daddy has a bicuspid aortic valve), and her sweet little heart looks perfect. 

Our darling little paperclip. She's folded in half--basically kissing her knees and touching her toes to her head. I was pretty flexible back in the day, but those gangly chicken legs are definitely from her daddy.

What a sweet profile!

And, a few belated belly shots...somewhere between 20 and 22 weeks, the watermelon seed started to grow!

17 weeks

18 weeks

19 weeks

20 weeks

21 weeks

22 weeks

I feel fantastic, and we are blessed beyond measure. Besides crazy nightmares and particularly bad morning dragon breath, the pregnancy has been a breeze so far. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

...and she shall be called...


we absolutely adore it! russ and i were having trouble with girl names...who knew that bad construction companies, weird ugly classmates and old girlfriends could ruin so many beautiful options?!  i love our last name, but it seems to rhyme with other first names (ie, mackenzie lindsey) or to cause a prolonged EEEE sound & an awkward cheek workout (ie, ashley lindsey). and, as much as we vowed to avoid being uptight about the meaning, after we both liked 'kennedy' and realized that it meant deformed head/helmet head...we were both a little more leery in our list making. the boy name was easy for us (and, hopefully, someday we'll have reason to use it!) but we really struggled with naming our little girl. i kept a running list on my iphone and, admittedly, i would try to sneak my favorites back into the mix after russell nixed them (to no avail). 

we had agreed on a short list of contenders, but nothing overwhelmed us. until...we were eating dinner with the hogans, and cissy suggested the name leighton. russ was making pizza across the kitchen and when i yelled it out to him, he gave us a "yeah, it's cute." none of us could tell if that was his polite dismissal or if he really liked it.  but, in the next few days, he always used leighton when he texted or talked about the baby, and i knew that he was hooked. 

russell has been so precious about the baby, and so i finally told him that i thought it would be sweet if her daddy named the first name was his choice. leighton.

we've been set on the middle names for years. floryn is in adoration & memory & honor of our beloved grandma. her real name was flora darline moore, but she went by 'fussy' her whole life ( named because she was the fussy twin). she actually hated her real name, and she would be sassy and obstinate about us using it; that's why we tweaked the 'flora' just a little. but, she was my world--my dearest friend, my inspiration for the kind of person that i would like to become, my ideal--and so it's special to me to pass on a piece of her. if leighton floryn has one ounce of the love, the humor or the servant's heart that her namesake possessed, she will be blessed and beloved.