Saturday, July 17, 2010


my little girlfriend is not afraid to eat. clearly.

it warms my heart that her abilene heritage is coming through and that she is already a die hard fan of the best tex mex in the whole wide world.

there was a split second of hesitation...

...but i think it's safe to say that she's a fan.

bueno job, leighton!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

a joyful six months

leighton at 6 months

i think she's pretty cute.
whatever. i think she's the most adorable baby ever.
and, i think she's a rockstar in a tutu.

i am so in love.

jennifer smith ( pictures
treasured, as always


you might want to eat an apple today. or maybe two. or ten.
because today is july 1st

it would have been ok to get sick in june, but you don't want to get sick in july.
july 1st is the day that everyone in medicine moves up a level on the totem pole and the new interns start manning the front lines. so, you could potentially wait in an ER today longer than your MD has actually been working as a doctor. the old joke (and the scary truth) about learning how to do procedures is--SEE ONE, DO ONE, TEACH ONE. i'm sure this is all very comforting to you.

so, as of today, i'm a PGY 3 (post graduate year 3).
and as much as i would have liked to wake up and realize it was saturday, after seeing all of the terrified, lost newbies wandering around the hospital, i'm just thankful for my settled and predictable life. i poignantly remember three of the most terrifying and nerve wracking days of my whole life--like nauseous, hysterical, turn and run for the hills kind of scared--during my journey through medicine.

(1) august 2004 - my first day of gross anatomy
somehow the prospect of being forced into a room full of dead bodies became dreadfully unappealing

(2) july 1, 2008 - my first day as an intern
terrified of killing someone in the CCU

(3) june 5, 2010
my first night of radiology call alone in the ER

so, a glimpse back in time...
white coat ceremony my 1st year in med school

(note the sparkling eyes, thin cheeks, blonde hair)

med school graduation

(note the black bags under the eyes, a few extra lbs, gray hair)

a random, somewhat creepy call room snapshot from my intern year

(ponytail, scrubs, coffee)

excited to get home from working nights last week to hug my punkie!