Friday, January 21, 2011

imitation is the greatest form of flattery

i would like to reference you to the current edition of the pottery barn kids catalog, page 111 to be exact. note the tree arching over the bed. note the petite chandelier. i often wonder how the people at pottery barn dream up such beautiful settings (besides the fact that they don't have other jobs to consume their time or any real life limitations) but in this case, i feel certain they have been snooping...

and, now, may i remind you of a picture of leighton's nursery from fall 2009?

i can't really take credit for the tree because i found a picture of someone else's wall on google images and passed the grainy little jpg on to the true talent behind the whole thing, amy mcadams ( and, i can't really take credit for the chandelier because that was russ.

i get up late and wear scrubs everyday so it's not often that i get to feel like a trendsetter!
so, you're welcome pottery barn. i personally still like ours better because i'm crazy about the flowers stuck on the wall. maybe they'll get that fixed before the summer edition.

  this is just one of my FAVORITE family pictures with the tree-in-question in the background; it's from the day we brought leighton home from the hospital!

      imitation is the greatest form of flattery

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

birthday babies

what dear, sweet family & friends we are blessed by...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

leighton's 1st birthday party


oh, sweet leighton! this was the perfect party preceded by the perfect storm!
i was working nights the month leading up to leighton's birthday and i got sick the day before it so i was (of course) a little behind...but (as always) honey & hobby & russ swooped in and helped pull everything together. 

i will never forgive jenna for introducing me to bakerella because that caused cravings and unrealistic expectations about what delectable pieces of art cupcake pops could be :) ok, in the end they turned out cute - and delicious - so i forgive jenna even if my pants don't.

i will never forgive my breakerbox for being such a finicky, crotchety little electrical nightmare. mom and i realized at midnight the night before the party that my freezers had both died....and that there was all sorts of bloody beef juice dripping on our premade cupcake pops. yum. let's start over.

i will never forgive harvey at meringue bakery for FORGETTING to make leighton's 1st birthday cake. i was deceived by the beautiful cakes on his website into believing that leighton's cake (which was supposed to look like stacked presents) would be equally delightful. and, i was naive in believing that our 4 emails and 2 phone conversations would be enough to ensure a finished product. i had a small out-of-body experience on the guy. it was unfortunate for him what years of living with a contractor and being in the bowels of the hospital can teach you to say. i unleashed all of my tired, sick frustration on the dude; thankfully, leighton was in the car. he argued...then he played dumb...then he almost cried with relief when mom rushed in and pulled me out. it makes my blood boil just thinking about it. luckily, breadwinners has really yummy cakes (premade) if you ever get in a pinch. and, luckily, i didn't get put in jail for beating a cakemaker's jolly little ass...oops, we dont' say that anymore.

so, anyways, these are all pics of the pregame. pics of the real party with all of the precious little babies
to come :)