Saturday, March 26, 2011

one year later...

leighton's 1 year pictures

love this little girl

i am thankful to have this sweet little family. we dressed like it was winter and dallas randomly turned out to be 85. leighton took a while to wake up from her nap. i was running a fever and felt like donkey. nevertheless, i am so thankful to have the memories caught in pictures....again thanks to jennifer smith,

Monday, March 21, 2011

tonight my heart is thankful

that's it, in a nutshell

tonight my heart is thankful

for a dear, sweet little family and time spent together
for the precious little girl beside me with her arm on her daddy's shoulder
for her daddy's strength and loyalty and perseverance
for the peaceful sound of their quiet breaths
for the joy and the laughter that we share
for health and for safety
for the hope of what tomorrow (and the tomorrows after that) will bring
for a glorious, gracious Lord

we are blessed