Sunday, April 3, 2011

hawaii - oahu

leighton and i got to spend a sunny week in hawaii not too long ago. russ couldn't go at the last minute because of work but one of our dearest, jenna, was up for the challenge. we started in honolulu because i had to present at a spine imaging conference. we survived a 3.2 earthquake while we there - ok, we didn't even feel it; and, in the wake of what those grouchy tectonic plates have done since then, it's not quite as laughable as it was at the time. we ate puka dogs and hiked to waterfalls (where creepy european posers were partially obstructing the view, see below). then, we flew to maui. i lost my drivers license somewhere along the way - and some swet somebody has since mailed it back to me. we stopped and saved a gigantic islander who got hit by a car on his moped, and the firemen let me wash my hands in the firetruck water. (that's about as close to hawaii five-o action as it came). we lounged. we ordered room service. we ate jph which was imported from the continental 48. we laughed. we smelled tropical flowers and said bye-bye to all the lizards. we {lei} would NOT wear a lei - no way, no how. we went whale watching. i took way too much stuff, and jenna had to deal with the cluster that was my disorganization and clutter. next time, i'm taking bathing suits and the ipad...that's it. ps - jenna, you're the best. xo

maui pics to come :)